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Joint Powers Board

The Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Board (VRWJPB) consists of two Dakota County Commissioners and one Scott County Commissioner.

The Board makes decisions about administering the watershed, implementing the Watershed Plan, and undertaking activities to preserve and improve water resources. The Board approves an annual budget.

The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (except November) at 1 p.m. in Room 334 at the Western Service Center in Apple Valley.

Board Members

Mike Slavic

Mike Slavik

Dakota County District 1 (Chair)

Email: mike.slavik@co.dakota.mn.us
Office: 651-438-4427

Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf

Scott County District 1 (Vice Chair)

Email: twolf@co.scott.mn.us
Phone: 952-440-6805

Mary Liz Holberg

Mary Liz Holberg

Dakota County District 6 (Secretary/Treasurer)

Email: maryliz.holberg@co.dakota.mn.us