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Apple Valley Annual Tree Sale – Order Now

Apple Valley Annual Tree Sale – place orders now! Residents can purchase up to three trees and eight shrubs per property at wholesale prices. The City encourages planting a diversity of species due to Emerald [...]

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Volunteers needed to cut and haul buckthorn Mar. 4

Volunteers are needed Saturday, Mar. 4 from 9 a.m. to noon to cut and haul buckthorn. The nonprofit volunteer conservation group, Trout Unlimited, is hosting this Vermillion Riverkeepers event at the MN Department of Natural [...]

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Owners of resorts, campgrounds, and rental businesses required to take aquatic invasive species training

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering aquatic invasive species training to owners of lake service provider businesses, so they can legally work in lakes and rivers throughout the state. Lake service provider businesses [...]

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Job Posting: Environmental Specialist, Public Outreach & Communication

The Environmental Resources Department is seeking a motivated self-starter who is able to manage and self-perform work tasks within the Environmental Specialist classification. They desire a candidate that has practical experience managing complex work projects [...]

Stream obstruction removal facts for landowners

Wicked winds roared through the state at up to 65 mph on the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, leaving tree debris across the landscape. When landowners walk their streambank properties this spring, they [...]

Minnesota washes its hands of triclosan

Triclosan, an antibacterial product introduced in 1972 for use in health care facilities, was added to many household products, such as liquid hand soap and body washes. Then research showed triclosan's persistence in the environment. [...]

5 Clean Water Fund grants awarded to VRWJPO

Cleaner, clearer water. Healthier lakes, rivers, and streams. Thanks to Minnesota's Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO) has received five Clean Water Fund (CWF) grants that total [...]

Road (salt) warriors at work

They brave the elements under the worst weather conditions. They arrive early, stay late, pull double shifts, and know how to dress for the polar vortex. If you haven't slipped on an icy sidewalk this [...]

New DNR map of designated trout streams

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reviewed its trout stream designations in the Vermillion River Watershed. The DNR designated four stream reaches flowing into the Vermillion River's South Branch as trout streams. The DNR [...]

Rusty crayfish confirmed in Vermillion River Watershed

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed rusty crayfish were discovered in the Vermillion River in Farmington and Hastings. Rusty crayfish were also found in North Creek in Farmington. The Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers [...]

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See stars at Whitetail Woods Oct. 8

Dakota County Parks and the Minnesota Institute of Astrophysics bring the night sky to life during Minnesota StarWatch at Whitetail Woods Regional Park in Farmington on Sat., Oct. 8, 2016, 7-9 p.m. Meteorologist Mike Lynch [...]

Landscape for the river; craft brew for you

Join the Vermillion Stewards and Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) for a workshop, "Landscape for the River," on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, 6-8 p.m., in a new venue -- the Angry Inch Brewery in [...]

Fall brings fowl hunting season

Daylight shortens, air temperatures cool, and Minnesota's hunting season for waterfowl (ducks, coots, geese, and woodcock) begins Sept. 24, 2016. Make sure you know the latest waterfowl hunting regulations. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources [...]

Pollinator gardens are all the buzz

Volunteers worked hard this summer in the Vermillion River Watershed to restore critical habitat to an essential ecological group -- the pollinators. Pollinators, such as bees, birds, bats, butterflies, moths, and beetles, move pollen from flower to [...]

Farmington make-and-take rainbarrel workshop

Join Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) and Vermillion Stewards for a "make and take" rainbarrel workshop on Tuesday, August 23, 6-7:30 p.m. at the Dakota County Fairgrounds in Farmington. Learn about water-friendly lawn and [...]

Tour prairie restoration at the Fair

Just south of the Dakota County Fairgrounds is a beautiful example of a prairie and wetland restoration. Tour this prairie habitat via trolley on weekdays during the Dakota County Fair, August 8-14. Dakota County Soil [...]

Jump in! Citizen stream monitors needed

For several years, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizen Stream Monitoring Program has engaged water-loving citizens statewide in tracking water quality in their favorite river or stream. Now the Dakota County Soil and Water [...]

Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit visits Red Wing

A traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution on water's importance in people's lives will tour Minnesota, visiting the Goodhue County Historical Society in Red Wing on Oct. 1 - Nov. 13, 2016. Minnesota is one [...]

Make your own rain barrel

Rain barrels are simple, high-impact tools for conserving water and protecting water quality. Join Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) and the Vermillion Stewards for a "make and take" workshop to build your own rain [...]

Remeander Middle Creek

Reconstruction of 195th Street/County Hwy 64 provided an opportunity to remeander Middle Creek – put a half-mile reach back to its natural condition. In the past, the stream was straightened to make space for farmland, roads, and buildings. [...]

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Restoration success webinar

The University of Minnesota Restoring Minnesota Cooperative created a restoration success webinar about how to design a thorough environmental restoration plan, including implementation, photo-monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and landowner commitments. The webinar features Wiley Buck, restoration [...]

The Raingarden in a Box

Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) found a strategy that helped homeowners install their own raingardens. The “Raingarden in a Box” allows homeowners who have designed raingardens in a Blue Thumb workshop to order [...]

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New Fishing Regulations for the Vermillion River

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued new fishing regulations (see page 43 of the online booklet) for the Vermillion River in April 2016. The regulations apply to brown trout and rainbow trout within a [...]

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Healthy Macroinvertebrates Facts

Explaining macroinvertebrates and why healthy macroinvertebrates are important to stream health is no easy task for science teachers. We liked the fact sheet, “Stream Creatures: Clues to Stream Health – Macroinvertebrate Fact Sheet,” from the [...]

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Contaminants of Emerging Concern in MN

The U.S. Geological Survey and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency released a joint study of “contaminants of emerging concern” in Minnesota groundwater. The contaminants detected in groundwater include personal care products, caffeine, a nicotine derivative, DEET [...]

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Leading Brand to stop using Neonics

A leading brand of home and garden pest-control products says it will stop using a class of pesticides linked to the decline of bees. As reported by National Public Radio, Ortho, part of the Miracle-Gro [...]

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i-Tree 5.0

i-Tree 5.0 is available for download from the Urban Natural Resources Institute (UNRI). i-Tree is a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service that provides urban forestry analysis and benefit assessment tools. The [...]

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Best Management Practices for Nitrogen

The University of Minnesota has come out with new BMPs for nitrogen fertilizer (N) usage for irrigated corn on coarse-textured soils. Half of the studies U of M researchers conducted to develop the best management [...]

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