Learning from the Watershed

The Vermillion River is a unique natural resource, travelling through rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. It is one of the few trout streams in the nation that runs through developing metropolitan counties. It is a great place to learn about rivers, water pollution, wildlife habitat, wetland health, groundwater, low-impact development and more.

The Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO) sponsors programs to involve citizens in monitoring and protecting the watershed. The watershed is an open-air classroom for local residents, students, and volunteers.

The VRWJPO also encourages or sponsors studies that can tell us more about ecosystems, pollutant sources and loads, temperature impacts on trout, surface-to-groundwater interactions, and much more. These research efforts, whether conducted by high schools, universities, consultants, or federal, state or local agencies, help the VRWJPO manage the watershed based on the best available scientific and technical information.  

Read about what is happening in the Vermillion River Watershed in the newsletter attached below.