Fishing the Vermillion River

Vermillion River Brown TroutThe Vermillion River provides a diversity of fish species for those looking to catch anything from carp to trout.

Trout regulations on the Vermillion River will change in 2016 allowing for greater opportunity to harvest rainbow trout while further protecting a natural-reproducing population of trophy sized brown trout (pictured on left).

Starting in spring 2016, anglers will be able to catch-and-keep rainbow trout and catch-and-release Brown trout along the entire special regulation area (see designated trout stream portions of the River and its tributaries).

Special regulations that are specific to individual waters take precedence over statewide regulations. Special regulations can be found in their own section of the Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet and are posted at public accesses. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the DNR regulations are the official authority and should be consulted directly.