The VRWJPO has a variety of interactive displays available for free loan! Each display engages youth and adults in learning about stormwater – where it comes from, where it goes, and what we can all do to protect water resources.  These educational resources are great for school and community events.

The Streets to Stream display  demonstrates how water picks up pollutants as it flows into storm drains. This 5-piece hands-on model answers questions about common sources of pollution and gives simple solutions on how we can all make a difference in keeping our local water bodies clean.  All you need is a six-foot table.

The EnviroScape demonstrates how water picks up pollutants as it flows downstream. The model represents a watershed that includes several land uses. A lake starts out clean, but as it rains, pollution is washed downstream to contaminate the lake.

Pollute or Protect Exhibit-on-a-Box features a museum-quality, hands-on display that demonstrates non-point source pollution topics.

Items can be checked out on request pending availability. Please contact us