Comments requested: 2026-2035 Vermillion River Watershed Management Plan

Watershed Plan Update Comment Form

The Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO) invites you to provide information that will help us update the Vermillion River Watershed Management Plan.

The Vermillion River Watershed Management Plan (Plan) describes priority issues and goals, and guides activities to protect and improve water quality, quantity, sustainability, and ecosystem health in the watershed. Every 10 years, by state law, the VRWJPO is required to update the Plan. The next generation Plan will be completed in 2026. We are starting the process by gathering information and ideas from review agencies as required in Minnesota Rule 8410.0045.

Please provide any information pertinent to the development of the 2026-2035 Plan. In particular, we would like to receive information regarding:

• Priority issues or opportunities and management expectations for them;
• Water management goals for the next 10 years; and
• Water-resource-related data, reports, or other relevant materials.

We also welcome other comments about the Watershed Plan, watershed conditions, or VRWJPO administration. Please provide your information and ideas by June 5, 2023. The VRWJPO will compile the information collected, schedule a meeting to share and discuss the information, and ask for additional ideas. We will outline the planning process and timeline for completing the updated Watershed Plan. To look at the current 2016-2025 Plan, go to

Much has changed since the current Plan was completed, and much has been accomplished. We are excited to work with you to identify issues and opportunities that will shape watershed management for the Vermillion River for the next decade. Thank you for your continued interest.