Dakota County Model Mining Ordinance

Dakota County and the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) developed a Model Mining Ordinance for optional use by cities and townships.  The model ordinance was developed with support of consultant WSB, utilizing a $50,000 Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) grant that was awarded to the SWCD in 2022.  The purpose of the project was to provide updated guidance and recommendations associated with aggregate mining controls to help ensure protection of surface water and groundwater resources.

As part of the project, the consultant completed a technical review of city and township planning and zoning requirements for mining operations, updated the Dakota County Model Mining Ordinance, and conducted outreach to cities and townships about guidance and recommendations, as needed.

This effort aligns with the 2020-2030 Dakota County Groundwater Plan strategy to “prevent pollution by minimizing impacts of aggregate mining on groundwater quality”.

Contact: Valerie Neppl, Groundwater Protection Unit Supervisor, Valerie.Neppl@co.dakota.mn.us 952-891-7019