Capital Improvement Project: Stormwater improvements in Erickson Park, Apple Valley

Erickson Park provides open space and flood retention for the surrounding residential areas in Apple Valley. When the stormwater pond and piping was installed in the area 45 years ago, the focus was on holding water after heavy rains, not on addressing water quality. As a result, the runoff from small storms passed through the pond with very little pollutant removal.

Stormwater flows through the Erickson Park open space and ultimately reaches Farquar Lake, which is impaired for nutrients. Improving the Erickson Park stormwater pond will provide better management and treatment of low flows and help reduce phosphorus delivery to Farquar Lake by an estimated seven pounds per year. Lastly, the improvements will provide better access for maintenance and sediment removal in the long-term. The project blends into the surrounding open space and did not interfere with pre-existing high-quality pollinator habitat.

The project was completed in fall 2021 by VRWJPO and the City of Apple Valley, with funding from a Clean Water Fund competitive grant. Phosphorus reduction at Farquar Lake resulting from the project is estimated at seven pounds per year.  Partners avoided construction in the existing pollinator area in the northern portion of Erickson Park due to the excellent quality of the vegetation present.

Read the full fact sheet here. For a 2.5-minute video summary of the project, visit the Apple Valley YouTube page.