Assessments, Inventories, and Studies

The VRWJPO answers specific questions about the watershed (and smaller subwatersheds) by contracting for assessments, inventories, and studies.

These detailed analyses help the VRWJPO and partners make decisions about what best management practices or projects will provide the maximum benefits at a reasonable cost. These include geomorphic assessments and subwatershed assessments, which identify specific problem areas by subwatershed (North Creek, Etter Creek, Headwaters, etc.) A restorable wetland inventory will help the VRWJPO and partners find promising locations for wetland restoration.

The VRWJPO also has recommendations from studies on reducing thermal impacts on brown trout, establishing a vision for the Vermillion River Corridor, and surveying landowners along the Vermillion River to find out their beliefs and values in taking care of the river.

Dakota County