Webster Wetland Restoration in Elko New Market

This project led by the City of Elko New Market restored a six-acre, partially drained wetland that is located in the highest tributary reach of the Vermillion River in Scott County. The wetland area restored is located in an outlot owned by the City.

There was a field tile that ran in a northwest direction installed through the middle of the wetland, running the entire length. This tile drained the wetland between rainfall events. The field tile also served as a drain for a farmed wetland further upstream on private property. It is unknown whether secondary tile lines connect to this tile and further drain the wetland.

The City replaced the field tile through this wetland in November 2020 with solid pipe (to maintain the upstream drainage) and construct an outlet structure to protect Webster/Zane Avenue from overtopping and provide a consistent normal water level. The restored water level would result in depths of 6 to 36 inches in the center of the wetland (deep marsh) and surface saturation to 6 inches deep at the edges (shallow marsh).

This project was made possible by a grant from the Clean Water Fund, one of four funds established by the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment.

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