Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the watershed. Here, you can learn about best management practices to improve water quality, take advantage of financial or technical assistance, volunteer, or attend a training session.

Do I live in the Vermillion River Watershed?

If you live in Dakota County, enter your Parcel ID, house number or street address in the Property Information Search box on the Dakota County website, then click “search.” Scroll to the bottom of the Property Information section to reveal which watershed you live within.

If you live in Scott County, visit the Scott County website and click on ScottGIS2.0 Mapping Application; click on “Layers” button at the top of the map; click the box next to “Administrative/Political Layer” to activate that layer; click the arrow next to “Administrative/Political Layer” to expand the options under that layer; click on the box next to “Watershed Management Organizations”; then click Save. In the search box at the top of the screen enter your address or parcel ID number and when your address pops up; click on it and hit enter or click the magnifying glass button next to the search box to have the map zoom into your property.  You will see the words  “VRWJPO” in purple on the screen/map if your property is located within the Vermillion River watershed.