Watershed Management Plan

Minnesota statute dictates that all watershed units in the Twin Cities metro area must adopt a watershed management plan. Each Watershed Plan sets goals for the next 10 years.

Currently, the VRWJPO is following the 2016-2025 Vermillion River Watershed Management Plan. The plan includes a range of actions to protect and improve surface water and groundwater quality in the watershed. It also features an overview of the watershed’s physical and biological conditions and water quality.

The Vermillion River Watershed Standards were updated in September 2019. Updates focused primarily on the requirements for construction site erosion and sediment controls.

2016 Management Plan

The VRWJPO occasionally proposes amendments to the Watershed Plan as new issues and conditions arise. The latest amendment was approved on September 22, 2022, for the Implementation section. You can read the section as amended here.

VRWJPO staff prepare reports most years on the measurable outcomes listed in the Watershed Plan. Below is the most recent report, which includes measures beginning in the first year of the Plan.

2022 Measurable Outcomes Executive Summary Report