Our Projects

VRWJPO invests in capital improvement projects that protect or improve water resources, and specific projects in the Watershed Plan.

The VRWJPO has received several grants to implement large-scale water resource projects funded through the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment approved by Minnesota voters in 2008. Many of these projects have been implemented using Clean Water Fund grants, administered by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and Conservation Partners Legacy grants, administered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Projects, both completed and in progress, include:

Apple Valley


Castle Rock Township




Ravenna Township


The VRWJPO also partners with stakeholders to implement projects of mutual interest and watershed-wide benefits. Capital improvement projects that restore or protect the watershed’s natural resources are eligible for VRWJPO funding.

A competitive application process will determine which projects will get funded and how much funding will be provided. Complete an application.

All completed capital improvement projects installed with VRWJPO funds are identified on an interactive map. Stars represent specific projects and are linked to a fact sheet or project photographs. The map allows landowners interested in Capital Improvement Project technical or financial assistance to see what types of projects the VRWJPO funds, the cost of similar projects, and the environmental benefits the project provided.